Corporate Events

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Corporate Events

Annual Meetings & Announcements

Annual Meetings

Accompanied by slides and other visuals, verbal reports from company and organization officers can work very well in video format. They are typically posted to web platforms for ongoing reference by site visitors.

Annual meetings also often include a Speakers Program which generates topical videos from speaker presentations. These also work well for ongoing reference on company websites and public exposure, if desired, on YouTube.

With addition of music and animated graphics, the report and speaker videos can be packaged effectively for corporate and general audience web exposure. They enable clients to effectively reach out to target audiences – customers, suppliers, industry organizations and government – by email and social media with video links.

Videos from annual meetings can include the full presentations or be professionally edited to focus on the key messages from the presentation.


Organizations, Associations and Companies will schedule media events to announce new developments such as government funding for major projects, new construction, plant expansion and new products.

Whether intended for distribution to internal stakeholder audiences, web applications or broader public exposure, videos provide timely and people-oriented exposure for major corporate announcements. Videos also capture the excitement and provide a permanent archive of the event for ongoing reference.

Steps To Produce Video

Phase 1: Pre-filming Consultation

The first phase involves consultation with the client to determine client expectations, necessary components, target audiences and desired turnaround time for the video.

Determining the desired content and locations for filming will guide the selection and scheduling of equipment and people that will be required in the production.

Prior to actual filming, the client is involved with selection of all or some of the presentations that would be suitable for video production and the amount of video editing involved – from basic video of the presentation to the addition of slides, other visuals, music and credits.

When client expectations and delivery timing have been determined, a budget is prepared for client approval.

Phase 2: Filming

With proper consultation and planning in Phase 1, the actual filming of the video takes place at the predetermined location.

Phase 3: Post Production – Video Editing

Based on the client expectations for content determined in Phase 1, the post production video editing completes the process.

The video editing may include animated graphics, additional visuals, voiceover and music.


The final budget is determined by 3 components – Concept development in the planning stage, filming and post production requirements.