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Hamdy Khalil – Woodbridge Foam Applauds the Use of Renewable Materials Such as Corn Stover

In One on One by James Tost

Hamdy Khalil, Sr. Global Director of Advanced Technology and Innovation at Woodbridge Foam Corporation, applauds the use of renewable materials such as corn stover to make high value added products such as chemicals.

“It’s a great opportunity for farmers because it will add value to their crop.” He says the challenges in using new feedstocks – transportation, logistics and processing – differ with each renewable resource.”

Dr. Khalil pioneered the introduction and commercialization of renewable materials into the polyurethane chemistry used in the interior automotive parts manufacturing which is now the benchmark for the industry.

Woodbridge Foam has a manufacturing plant in Woodbridge, Ontario and is part of the global Woodbridge Group of companies.

Dr. Khalil was interviewed by Biotalk.ca Editor James Tost at the 2nd Annual BioProducts Cluster Workshop held in Toronto, Ontario on March 30-31, 2016. Theme of the event, hosted by Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC), was “Cellulosic Biorefining – From the Farm to the Customer”.

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