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Jeff Schmalz – Soy20/20 Building Value Chains is Critical to the Soy Industry

In One on One by James Tost

Jeff Schmalz, CEO of Soy20/20, says building value chains that extend from producers to end users is critical to growth of the soy product industry in Canada. Oilseeds are an important renewable material used in a broad range of industrial and consumer products.

“We do a lot of work in new product development, working with clients … in many cases it’s replacing petroleum input.”

Soy 20/20 brings government, academic and industry partners together to stimulate and seize new global bioscience opportunities for Canadian soybeans. It assists researchers, industry, producers and policy makers in focusing on key opportunities and working together to achieve them. It is located at the Agri-Technology Commercialization Centre (ATCC) in Guelph, Ontario.

Soy20/20 connects companies with funding to develop or expand their manufacturing capabilities. It helps companies with market analysis and the development of business plans, as a basis for developing or expanding opportunities.

Jeff Schmalz was interviewed at the 2nd Annual BioProducts Cluster Workshop held in Toronto, Ontario on March 30-31, 2016. Theme of the event, hosted by Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC), was “Cellulosic Biorefining – From the Farm to the Customer”.

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