OAFT 2016 Annual General Meeting

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Theme of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies was “Exploring Food Innovation from OAFT’s Perspective.”

Over a fast-paced four hour session, 16 speakers talked about the experiences of their companies and organizations with innovation and growth related to Ontario’s agriculture.

OAFT President Dr. Tyler Whale set the stage with his opening comments and introduced each of the speakers. Keynote speaker was Bruce Campbell, President of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Introduction and Closing Statements

Dr. Tyler Whale, President OAFT

Dr. Tyler Whale, President of Ontario Agri-Food Technologies, makes the opening and closing remarks at the OAFT annual general meeting in Guelph, Ontario on March 3, 2016. Theme of the afternoon session, featuring 16 speakers, is “Exploring Food Innovation from OAFT’s Perspective.”

OAFT AGM: Dr. Tyler Whale

Keynote Speaker

Independent Electricity System Operator (ieso.ca)
Bruce Campbell, President
President Bruce Campbell delivers a keynote address on how IESO meets the challenge of ensuring a safe and reliable supply of hydro from Ontario’s diverse electricity system now and in the future.

OAFT AGM MAR 2016 Keynote

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Zpirit Foods

Philippe Roireau, Founder
Founder Philippe Roireau updates on Zpirit Foods Inc., a beverage innovator and independent manufacturer of healthy drinks and complementary products promoting a healthy lifestyle. Its first infused water drink brand, Zpirit Infuzion, features real fruit pieces.

OAFT AGM: Philippe Roireau

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Tim Sinclair, CEO and co-Founder
CEO and co-Founder Tim Sinclair discusses the growth of U-Be-Livin-Smart which proves candy products, nutrient dense and natural food products targeting health conscious consumers. The company is based in Concord, Ontario.

OAFT AGM: Tim Sinclair

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Amazing Grains

Andrew Stewart, Marketing Partner
Marketing Partner Andrew Stewart discusses the progress of Amazing Grains as it expands into global markets. The Toronto, Ontario based company provides healthy ingredients for wide range of bakery foods and snacks.

OAFT AGM: Andrew Stewart

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Katan Kitchens

Jamie Draves, CEO and President

CEO and President Jamie Draves updates on Katan Kitchens, an innovative, health food enterprise that seeks to produce high quality superfoods such as quinoa for the “food for health” market. The company is based in Georgetown, Ontario.

OAFT AGM Jamie Draves

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Troll Bridge Creek

Keith Harris, President
Keith Harris, President of Troll Bridge Creek, discusses the growth of the company’s KiKi maple sweet water drink products made with Canadian maple sap. The company is based in Arthur, Ontario.

OAFT AGM: Keith Harris

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Ontario Agri-Food Education

Alison Hardman, Fund Development Manager
Fund Development Manager Alison Hardman talks about Milton, Ontario based OAFE, which provides curriculum-linked agriculture and food related learning materials and professional consultative services to Ontario educators.

OAFT AGM: Alison Hardman

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Ag Energy Co-Operative

Rose Gage, CEO
CEO Rose Gage discusses the role of Ag Energy, which provides energy products and services to its Members. The co-operative is based in Guelph, Ontario.

OAFT AGM: Rose Gage

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Ryding-Regency Meat Packers

Michael Blicher, Company representative
Company representative Michael Blicher discusses the growth of Toronto, Ontario based Ryding-Regency, which provides quality meat products to major grocery and food service chains in Ontario, and U.S. states.

OAFT AGM: Micheal Blicher

Modular Farms

Eric Amyot, Co-Founder and President
Co-Founder and President Eric Amyot discusses the expansion of Modular Farms, a Canadian manufacturer and distributor of vertical towers and inside farm systems for the growth of more than 15 food plant varieties.

OAFT AGM: Eric Amyot

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Mirexus Biotechnologies

Phil Whiting, President
President Phil Whiting updates on growing markets a new nanomaterial (phytospherix) developed by Mirexus that is extracted from corn. The Guelph, Ontario company targets the personal care, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors.

OAFT AGM: Phil Whiting

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Ingredion Canada

Hamid Aliee, Senior Technical Service Technologist
Hamid Aliee, Senior Technical Service Technologist, updates on Ingredion Canada, a global ingredients solutions company. The company makes sweeteners, starches, nutrition ingredients and biomaterials used in products ranging from food and beverages to paper and pharmaceuticals.

OAFT AGM: Hamid Aliee

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Robert Wong, President and CEO
Agri-Neo President and COO Robert Wong describes the sanitization technology that the Toronto company develops to meet food safety requirements. The company focuses on biopesticides as a non-toxic solution for global food supply.

OAFT AGM: Robert Wong

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P&P Optica

Kevin Turnbull, VP Sales of P&P Optica
Kevin Turnbull, VP Sales of P&P Optica, discusses the chemical imaging technology that the Waterloo, Ontario company develops for agriculture and other sectors. The imaging technology addresses safety concerns in food manufacturing.

OAFT AGM: Kevin Turnbull

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CEO Dan Heitbohmer
CEO Dan Heitbohmer describes how the company provides anti-counterfeiting, customer engagement and analytics services to the wine industry.

OAFT AGM: Dan Heitbohmer

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Food and Beverage Ontario

Norm Beal, CEO
Food and Beverage Ontario CEO Norm Beal updates on the activities of the Guelph, Ontario based provincial professional leadership organization for food and beverage processors.

OAFT AGM: Norm Beal

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