Other Events

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Other Events

Trade Shows & Announcements

In addition to conferences and annual meetings, we produce videos at major events such as trade shows.

We also produce videos of major company announcements that will be distributed to target audiences that include news media, shareholders, suppliers and customers.

Pre-Event Planning

In the pre-event planning stage, we work closely with our clients to accurately determine and schedule the video, audio and lighting equipment as well as the number of videographers that will be required for the event. When event sessions will occur in different rooms at the same time, we can provide the additional equipment and videographers required.

We also consult with the hotel, conference centre or other event venue to determine the quality and location of onsite lighting, available direct cable access to onsite speaker systems, suitable camera setup/operating locations and WiFi access.

This allows us to determine a budget for the onsite filming and present it to the client for review. On client approval of the budget, we schedule the equipment and people required for the event. This includes the number of videographers and time required. Videographer time is typically budgeted in ½ day (4 hours) and/or full-days (8 hours).

In pre-event consultation with our clients, we also determine client expectations for basic or enhanced video editing, appropriate formats and turnaround delivery timing for all finished footage. Often this is driven by how the videos will be used – for in-house presentations, training, website, marketing, YouTube or broadcast media.

Onsite Filming/Shooting Footage

We film all of the video components identified and agreed on by the client in the pre-event planning stage. This may include onsite interviews.

Post-production Video Editing

In the post-production stage immediately following the event, we edit each video segment to client requirements. This may include the addition of opening and closing credits for each video, Powerpoint slides within presentation videos, music and animation. We can also provide professional voiceover if required.

Based on client expectations, we provide a budget for client approval prior to beginning the post-production work.


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