The Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative Town Hall Meetings

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Four Town Hall Meetings will take place on
Tuesday, December 13 & Thursday, December 15 2016. 

Aim to reach out to those who missed the Corn Stover Baling Demonstrations in November and to attract farm participation in the sugar industry venture.

The Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative (CSPC) is holding four town hall meetings to share the details of its business plan. Organized through the partnership of Bioindustrial Innovation Canada (BIC), CSPC, and Comet Biorefining, the town hall meetings will be held at the following locations:

 Tuesday, December 13, 2016: 

  1. Wyoming Legion: Afternoon – 2:00PM-4:00PM
  2. Dresden Czech Hall: Evening – 7:00PM-9:00PM

Thursday, December 15, 2016: 

  1. Strathroy Gemini Sportsplex: Afternoon – 2:00PM-4:00PM
  2. Warwick Fire Hall: Evening – 7:00PM-9:00PM

CSPC has initiated an equity campaign to develop a corn stover and wheat straw to dextrose supply chain in Southwestern Ontario. The co-operative will engage with growers in the region to supply corn stover and wheat straw to a planned dextrose facility previously announced by Comet to be located in Sarnia, Ontario. As part of the supply chain, CSPC members will own an equity stake in the facility, which will need 75,000 tonnes of biomass based on about 22,250 hectares (55,000 acres). Becoming a producer is open to individuals and farming corporations who can provide biomass (corn stover, wheat straw) to the cooperative and are approved member of the Co-op.

A producer will be asked to make an investment in the Co-op and to enter into an agreement committing acres of biomass. The equity will be used by the Co-op to invest into the dextrose plant. The producer will receive a payment for each tonne of biomass that they supply and patronage out of the cash flow from the dextrose plant.

For more information about the town hall meetings visit the CSPC website at,

For more information please contact: 

John (Jay) Cunningham,
Business Development Manager, Cellulosic Sugar Producers Co-operative
Tel: 519.784.2084


Julia Struyf,
Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada
Tel: 1.519.383.8303 ext. 249

About CSPC CSPC is an Ontario-based farmer’s co-operative that strives to develop new markets for crop residue materials and new business opportunities. By extracting cellulosic sugars from crop residues, farmers can explore new markets without having to compete for land. CSPC wants to establish a market in Ontario that puts a value on corn stover that will generate higher profits per hectare. For more information, visit

About Comet Biorefining Comet Biorefining is a leading provider of sustainable, high-quality, cost-competitive cellulosic dextrose technology for applications in renewable biochemicals and biofuels. Comet Biorefining operates a demonstration-scale plant in Rotondella, Italy, owned by ENEA – the Italian National Agency for New

Technologies, Energy, and Sustainable Economic Development. In February 2016, Comet Biorefining announced the construction of a 27.2 million kilograms (60 million pounds) per year commercial sugar plant to come online in 2018. The company plans to build, own and operate its own plants and will strategically license its technology to select partners on a worldwide basis to meet the growing demand for bio-based products. For more information, visit

About Bioindustrial Innovation Canada Bioindustrial Innovation Canada creates jobs and economic value sustainably for Canada. We provide critical strategic investment, advice and services to business developers of clean, green and sustainable technologies. Our expertise in commercialization builds a stronger Canada. For more information, visit