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Video Profiles

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To help companies, associations and organizations to tell their story in credible way, we produce a wide range of corporate informational videos. Typically, these videos include corporate and client interviews filmed both inside and outside company and customer locations.

Typically, clients use these videos on their websites, for media distribution, digital marketing and public viewing on YouTube. Target viewer audiences range from their existing and potential customers, government, suppliers, and networking and trade organizations to the general public.

Corporate videos are fast paced and typically range from 3 to 5 minutes or longer in length. To hold viewer attention animation, graphics, customized music and action video components complement interview comments from key executives.

Professional voiceover can be added to help tell the company’s story, smooth transitions and hold viewer interest.

Professional scripting and storyboarding of all the video components in advance also helps to ensure an efficient and successful video production.

Phase 1: Pre-filming Consultation

The first phase involves consultation with the client to determine client expectations, necessary components, target audiences and desired turnaround time for the video.

Determining the desired content and locations for filming will guide the selection and scheduling of equipment and people that will be required in the production.

Client expectations may include professional scripting, storyboarding with visuals and possible professional voiceover.

When client expectations and delivery timing have been determined, a budget is prepared for client approval.

Phase 2: Filming

With proper consultation and planning in Phase 1, the actual filming of the video takes place at the predetermined locations.

Phase 3: Post Production – Video Editing

Based on the client expectations determined in Phase 1, the post production video editing completes the process.

The video editing may include animated graphics, additional visuals, voiceover and music.


The final budget is determined by 3 components – Concept development in the planning stage, filming and post production.


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